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ReSharper shortcut favorites

To increase productivity and keep away from injury due to mouse use I have started to use and learn ReSharper shortcuts while working in Visual Studio. It also seems that every tech blog have a blog post about keyboard shortcuts. Here are my favorites (some of the shortcuts are not really ReSharper specific but I include them).

I use the ReSharper 2.x or IntelliJ IDEA. Go to ReSharper->Tools->KeyBoard & Menus


ReSharper keyboard shortcuts - navigation
Command Shortcut (IntelliJ IDEA/ReSharper 2.x)
Move focus to Solution Explorer  Ctrl+Alt+L
Bring up Tabs overview Ctrl+Tab
Cancel and move to edit tab Esc
Open up meny Alt+the letter that is underscored in the meny
Highlight usages Ctrl+Shift+F7
Go through usages Ctrl+Shift+(up or down arrow)
ReSharper keyboard shortcuts - Text manipulation
Command Shortcut (IntelliJ IDEA/ReSharper 2.x)
Move cursor one word left or right Ctrl+left or right arrow
Scroll text one line up or down Ctrl+up or down arrow
Mark word left or right Ctrl+shift+left or right arrow
Mark incremental scope Ctrl+w (by pressing w several times you increase the scope
Format code Ctrl+K F
Rename F2
ReSharper keyboard shortcuts - Commands
Command Shortcut (IntelliJ IDEA/ReSharper 2.x)
Ctrl+m+m Collapse/extend region
Ctrl+m+o Collapse all regions
Ctrl+Shift+s Save all
Ctrl+Shift+b Build all
Ctrl+t+r Run test
Ctrl+t+d Debug test
Ctrl+t+t Run last test
Ctrl+Shif+R Brings up the refactor meny in the editor

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