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ByLarm2012 Day3

The last day of ByLarm was spent at the “ByLarm News” party. Free beer and lots of great people! I did however wanted to catch a jazz concert at Victoria jazz scene. Several people had also mentioned that I just had to see the band Ignug playing at “Dattera til Hagen”.

Bad out of time I arrived at the venue for Ignug. Took a few pictures before I realized that this is not my kind of music. Besides I am just recovering from 1 week being sick and I rather be at a quiet Jazz concert.

The concert at Victoria jazzscene was in a series of 3 recommended bands from the pianist Bugge Wesseltoft. The band was PELbO and  consisted of a man in a hooded sweater playing tuba, a drummer and a girl playing synth and singing. Great stuff! Powerful lyrics and a wall of sound. I arrived late and got stuck way back in the venue unable to take any pictures.

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